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LAX CarShare arrives in West Hollywood
Nathaniel Grey
September 2010

What do you mean you live in LA and you don't have a car?  Believe it or not, those people do exist and more of them are about to come out of the closet (or unused garage) thanks to the people at LAXCarShare.  With cars located in and around Los Angeles including West Hollywood, this company is out to prove failed predecessors wrong. That despite the greater LA car culture reputation, there are thousands of people who would jump at the change to rent a car for just $7 per hour which includes gas, insurance, maintenance and roadside assistance and a mileage allotment of up to 180 miles a day. 

How does it work? Simple. Just go to, register as a customer and once you've passed the financial and DMV screening process, they send you a key fob and vehicle location data that gives you access to a vehicle when you need it. 
Right now the usual $25 membership fee is being waived through Labor Day but another discount, of your first hour free has been extended to the end of the year. 

Research has shown that shared cars can remove up to 15 personal cars off the road. Though some may call that a drop in the ocean when it comes to LA road congestion but it's a welcome and impressive start. Having done their homework, LAXCarShare knows that what the average consumer wants in a rented car isn't so much a variety of models as much as they want something clean, affordable and accessible. This is why their current fleet consists of the very reliable and even adequately spacious Nissan Versa.  The process is also made easier with their Mac, PC and iPhone friendly website.

I have friends who live in other large cities, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, etc. who have used similar car sharing services and absolutely swear by them.  Though a new company with great confidence and dedication to making this program succeed, they haven't received the media attention they deserve.  Being the second most populace metropolitan area in the country, it's about time this worked in Los Angeles. LAXCarShare’s first West Hollywood vehicle location is at 901 Hancock (at Santa Monica Boulevard), with additional locations to be added soon.

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